Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paul Frank Tiered Ruffle Pants

My 4 year old and I hit the JoAnns Columbus Day Sale last weekend and she had a great time in the red tag clearance section yelling: "get that one!" and being gratified with me actually putting the bolt of fabric in the cart. We ended up with a bunch of one yard cuts of fabric I wouldn't normally buy, but that always makes little girls happy (think bright pink, think characters, think big flowers on purple backgrounds).

This is one of those yards of fabric...turned into pants. Yes, one whole yard of fabric in these size 5 ruffle pants. The fabric is a really soft, fine whale corduroy. Paul Frank is that guy that does the monkeys. You have probably seen him at Target. I wonder if anyone will ask us if we got these pants at Target.

Anyway. just cut off two rectangle sections for the bottom two tiers on each leg and gather them up... then take the pants template and leave about an inch below the inseam and cut the top of the pants out. After that it is normal pants construction resulting is some really twirly pants. She loves them!

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