Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Dresses 2011

This year, I used some beautiful fabric from the Michael Miller Antiquity collection to create the girls' Christmas dresses. The mostly white fabric in the damask pattern has gold glitter on it. Fannnncy! Little sister, shown first, has a bronze organza adding the shine to her dress in the puff shoulder sleeves and the hem and sash.
 Big sister's dress has the same two MM fabrics plus a skirt made from an Ikea blanket. Thanks to No Big Dill for the idea to use this as fabric. Both dresses have identical sashes. One side is the MM fabric and the other is the organza. I used rolled fabric flowers (made from scraps of velveteen) on pins to anchor the sashes in place. You know how wiggly a little girl is... even in her sophisticated, going-to-church-on-Christmas-Eve, little lady dress.
My family! You can't really tell, but I have a mom skirt made from the same organza.

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