Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Sewing Room

Holy smokes. I can't believe it's real. What a blessed life I live. My husband (lover of home remodeling projects) took on a redesign of our basement to add an office for himself (ok he's not totally altruistic) and a sewing room for me. Thank you honey. We have some guys who do our work for us and they didn't disappoint yet again.Thank you Ted.


There is room for my large (2 buffet tables butted up together) cutting table. Room for my chaise lounge (cause I might sew so hard I need to rest). Room for at least three machine stations. If I reconfigure once I get the tables I want, I'll have room for 4 or 5. So far I have my fabric on some inexpensive Home Depot plastic shelving, but I hope to upgrade to some Ikea Expedit soon. That wood box was left behind in our attic. I've been dumping all my ribbon in there. I keep all my other notions in hat boxes. You can't see the pictures but the basement also has my laundry room and I have overflow fabric shelving in there (yep, I have an... umm... passion for fabric).Can't wait to host Sewing Socials and Handmade for Africa events!

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