Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fabric Coasters

My moms group did a little project the other morning. We made these fun fabric coasters.

My friend Michelle had given me a bunch of decor fabric samples. The size of each sample seemed perfect for making a set of coasters. Each mom in my group picked out two fabrics she liked and cut each into four squares measuring about 4.5 inches on each side. Then I cut a slightly smaller square of fusible interfacing (washable, sew through, pretty rigid) for each coaster and ironed it like the bread in a sandwich between the two pieces of fabric. The last step was to serge all four sides of each coaster on my serger sewing machine (which I love, love, love). Great result, no?! I like that each mom got to interject her own personality into the fabric choices she made and the result will be something funky and useful for her home. And they can go in the wash if they get coffee all over them. What more can a mom ask for?

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Alan said...

That is so cool! Can I be in YOUR moms group?