Monday, January 25, 2010

Classy Minnie Mouse

The Mouse girls get their "Minnie" on with stylish black and white damask accents to their Minnie Mouse red polka dots...
I've had this red polka dot material for a while now and finally have gotten around to using it. It was inevitable with a name like Mouse that the girls would some day be sporting something along these lines. I tried to avoid full on Mouse and keep the outfits classy. I picked a nice black and white damask that I've use in the past to make ruffle pants for Etsy. The girls already had matching pants in this material, so adding coordinating dresses just made the pants more versatile in their wardrobes.

My six month old (who wears a 12 month size), gets the girlie version with a ruffled skirt and a tulle pettiskirt layer.

My almost three year old (who wears a 4T size), gets the simple shift version. Both dresses have yolk necklines with one shoulder closures in the form of two pearl snaps.

Simple straight leg, elastic waist, large subtle ruffle at the hem.

Here's one more pic of the girls in the dresses with their dad (Mr. Mouse).


Amy said...

Jace looks like one happy daddy! Very cute outfits!


Getting caught up on your blog - It's all so cute!! Love the new furniture!! Don't remember seeing Mr. Mouse before. Girls outfits are cute!. Love the bibs and such.