Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nursing Cover

I've been meaning to sew a nursing cover for a while now. I received a Hooter Hider as a baby shower gift from my friend Colleen when my daughter was born 2 years ago and I used it a ton. It was just a super gift for a mom who intended to breast feed. Besides, it's basically a rectangle of fabric with a hard could that be?

First things first I had to locate some hardware. This project requires D-rings and some boning. Trip to JoAnn Fabrics: found the d-rings in the purse making section and the boning I purchased was actually called belting. It was cheaper and wider than the actual boning for standard corset making and had just the right amount of flex and light weight I wanted.

Once the kiddo was down for her nap, I cut up some fabric, a favorite, Heather Ross mermaids! I sewed in a little chenille pocket on the inside to hold breast pads. And then it was pretty much just turning over the outside edges and top stitching. Overall, not too hard. I like the finished product. With baby number 2 due soon, this nursing cover won't sit idle for long!



Cute. Do you know how to make quilts?

Amy said...

This will come in handy now that baby Grace is here! Congratulations!