Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spoonflower Fabric For VW Van Lovers

Baby Gift Set
 This is my first purchase from Spoonflower! I had to have an out of print design from the talented Heather Ross. My friends just welcomed their first boy (third child) but before he joined the family, they adopted and babied a Volkswagen Camper Van. I knew Heather Ross had done a fabric with that design several years ago and I was so glad to be able to order a printing of it from Spoonflower.

Baby blanket with one side white minky chenille and one side VW Van camping fabric.
 I ordered enough (2 yards) to get all of my favorite baby gifts sewn up. It costs more than retail quilting cotton but less than the hard to find, collectible prints by Heather Ross on Etsy. All-in-all, since I made everything it still cost me far less than if I'd bought all these products at a store. Being crafty has it's advantages!

Above is a diaper clutch. Closes with velcro and has enough room inside for a plastic wipes case, several diapers and a small tube of paste or hand sanitizer.

The much loved cloth diapers covered almost entirely with cute fabric. Go ahead baby! Spit up on these! I also made a ribbon lovey with pale green minky on the back for super snuggling.

And last but not least, another view of the blanket with that fantastic fabric...

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Anonymous said...

How'd you get the fabric print at Spoonflower? I don't see it listed. So cute!!