Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fold Over Clutch with Vintage Lace Overlay

Sometimes I take a good look at Etsy and Pinterest to get inspiration for what to sew next. I've been wondering what to make with some vintage lace that I have a lot of and some of the fall and winter weight fabrics I have like wool and velveteen. Here's the first result. This is a fold-over clutch purse. Basically it's just a zippered pouch made with some super special details. You can find an excellent tutorial for a zippered pouch on this website: Sew Sweetness.

What makes this one special is four details. 1. I used a nice bright green, tweedy wool fabric that adds a richness and depth. 2. For the front of the purse (just the bottom half) I sewed on this openwork piece of vintage lace. In the photos it might just look like it's the print of the fabric, but in person it's obviously a layered piece.


3. You can't see it but inside the bottom rectangle section of the clutch, I sewed in heavy weight interfacing to give that part of the bag shape and to allow the top section a breaking point to flop over. 4. Lastly, I made the fold over section shaped like a triangle so it has a slanted edge when it lays over the lace part on the bottom of the bag.

I love how it came out! It fits my wallet, purse and keys and I could probably squeeze in a few other things like a lip gloss. Now I just need a date night, so it can get out on the town!

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