Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Patchwork Scarf with Zipper Tape

Went through my scrap basket the other day and found some long pieces of zipper tape that were leftover from a project where I needed the zippers, but not the entire length. I've seen plenty of projects using the zipper-less pieces of tape that are leftover. I decided to use these to add something new to a scarf.

Since I was already in the scrap basket, I pulled out a bunch of coordinating pieces of all types. There is chenille (the fuzzy cream colored stuff), quilting cotton, voile and even some jersey. After sewing a long patchwork strip from all these and the zipper tape, I cut a piece of solid mustard colored voile for the back. The only thing left to do was sew a regular circle scarf. It is long enough to double up. It's shown here long so you can see all the pieces. Great piece for fall!

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