Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow from Voile and Vintage Embroidery

 My first born child lost her first tooth tonight! She was brave and let her Dad pull it. What a fun Father's Day gift for him.  But, being the procrastinator that I am, I didn't have anything special to commemorate the occasion.
First a big thanks to Great Grandma who bought both of my girls a silver dollar when they were born. This beautiful coin will be the perfect first dollar that the tooth fairy can leave behind tonight.

I looked through some vintage pieces of doily stuff handed down from another Great Grandmother. Not necessarily heirlooms...she just had a collection of things in her linen closet, most with stains. I found a piece with small flowers embroidered on it. It makes a charming pocket to hold a tooth that can be exchanged for a coin.

 The rest of the pillow is made from voile. Anna Maria Horner and Tina Givens. Soft and sweet for a great girl!


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