Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Totem Pencil Skirt

I've been saving this Anna Maria Horner fabric for a while. It's one of my favorite fabrics ever. I used a bit of it from another colorway to house my iPad. This is Summer Totem in Strudel from the LouLouThi collection. I used a bit of Mixed Signals stripe from the Innocent Crush collection as the hem and ruffle fabric. I love how all my AMH fabric plays so nicely together. 

This skirt came together today during the girl's nap time.  They do a great job of abiding by the first number on their digital clocks (wait for the three before you call Mommy). It gives me the opportunity to start and finish a project if I use my time wisely (and by wisely I don't mean laying on the couch eating candy and watching Mad Men on Netflix).

 You can make a skirt like this yourself is you are a confident beginner. The front and back panel of fabric are just an inch shy of a selvage edge to selvage edge; rectangles basically. The hem is a rectangle folded in half right sides together and hemmed to the bottom edge, then topstitched. The ruffle is the same size as the hem fabric, sewn into a tube then gathered and stitched on with one topstitch down the middle. The waist is gathered across the back half only by 1" elastic. I used a serger to finish my side and bottom hems. Easy peasy.

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LauraC said...

So did you ise a pattern or draw your own? I really like this!