Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Banded Tank Tops As Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts made for my nieces in Arizona. These are Banded Tank Tops from the pattern in Sewing MODKID Style by Patty Young. I liked the pattern so much  I made one for Mommy too. The pattern in Patty's book suggests you use all knit fabric, but I've liked throwing a quilting cotton into the middle section because a) I have sooo much quilting cotton and b) it is cuter than the knit fabric I have.I have learned a lot about sewing knits lately so much so that I am going to be doing a knit dress for myself. Stay tuned.

But back to these cute creations... For the top on the far right, I did use all knits. The ruffle fabric is a knit. I didn't sew a bottom band on this one. I think that style will work better on a 2-yr-old. You can buy your own ruffle fabric at (you guessed it!), but you can also find some colors on at a better price. I picked this up at my local quilt shop using a Groupon. This project is also a nice way to use up my  button stash.

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