Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Tie T-Shirt Collar

My mom dropped off an entire grocery bag stuffed with vintage ties, some belonging to my dad and some from his dad. I've been mulling over what to make with them for a few months now. I've considered using them as accent strips on handbags and clutches. I've considered doing an entire dress or skirt from them, but I'm not sure how they will wash up. Then I came across this tutorial for using one to dress up the neckline of a t-shirt. I grabbed a plain t out of my closet and picked a tie and sat down at my machine.

Literally a few minutes later and I had a much cooler t-shirt. The tie adds a stiffness that makes the t-shirt sit up across my collar bones, it's pretty. I decided to make my pleats do a bit more of a zig zag instead of the straight line shown in the tutorial. It gives my look more of a haphazard quality that works with my personal style. I realized I just called my personal style haphazard. If the shoe fits...

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McKell said...

yours turned out fabulous! i love it :) so glad you enjoyed my tutorial & thanks for sharing!!