Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meeting Patty Young, One of My Favorite Fabric Designers

This past week, I was reading through some of my favorite fabric blogs (see list on lower right side of this page) and I came across a mention in Patty Young's blog that she was having an open house in her studio. And a sample sale. An open house and a sale...hmmm. I had figured out where city her studio is in and it wasn't so far from Chicago to make the trip unrealistic. Plus I have a friend who lives there. So the girls and I hopped in the car (after we had lunch and ice cream cake at a birthday party!) and off we went!

I got to catch up with my friend Vicky and her husband David, and the girls got to play with their friends Ethan and Kate. Vicky and I went out to Patty's studio in the evening with the little grils, Grace and Kate. The picture is Patty, me and Grace. Grace is wearing a dress made with Patty Young fabric from her Playdate. Grace loved her "fishy" dress so much when I showed it to her she put down her lovey and hugged it up to her chin and said "I love it." That's just one more reason to keep sewing!

Another reason is the new line of ribbon that goes with Patty's Grand Bazaar. There isn't a ton of super chic embroidered ribbon available. I've been using ribbon from Patty's old Andalucia collection for years now. I grabbed up some sample boxes at Patty's open house. I also picked up these pillows she made to showcase her Grand Bazaar fabrics. This pic is from her website. The pillows are currently hanging out on the chaise lounge in my dining room, but will soon have a permanent home in my new studio in a month or so when our basement gets spruced up.

Another special treat to the overnight trip came when Vicky and I (with all 4 kids in tow - LOVE you my Honda Odyssey) stopped by the local fabric store in town. I imagined that they would have lots of Patty Young fabric, but I hadn't counted on it being on sale. So I bought some fabric from several of her old collections. They had lots of pieces that I can't find online anymore. So the Patty Young open house, followed by the Patty Young fabric buying spree, now followed by the Patty Young sewing projects that have already started in my studio.

I found a few shots of other dresses I've made featuring Patty Young fabric and ribbon:

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