Sunday, June 5, 2011

Signature Sparrow Fabric for some PLUM SPARROW One-of-a-kind Dresses

I was so excited when I heard that Joel Dewberry was doing a reprint of the mega popular sparrows fabric. I had purchased a small amount of it from the first go round, but had used it all up. Imagine me further delight to find out that the expanded colorways (the subcategories based on color groupings that each collection is divided into) would include "sparrows in plum"!! What better to use to make a signature PLUM SPARROW dress.

The only problem I found once the fabric arrived was that I had nothing to go with it. I am not a "purple" person. I like plum for sure, but there was also the added problem of the blue-y green background color. Lovely, but very hard to match. I had to buy three completely new stash fabric to build out a signature look for my signature dress. I love the end result. So does my 4 year old daughter who A) has a thing for pockets, B) has a thing for purple (what little girl doesn't!?) and C) has a thing for pretty dresses. I count myself super lucky on that last one because I just can't seem to stop making dresses.

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