Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue Chiffon Reverse Knot Dress

Welcome to the jungle. This dress has some parrots and some leopard print. My friend Jenn came over a few weeks ago and offered a fresh set of eyes on my fabric stash. She pulled out three of these prints to go together. I added one more to the mix and some trimmings and here's the result.

I decided to go for a reverse knot strap style. Added an apron so I could use the Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric to add in a touch more color variation. And went with a two tier gathered skirt design (not my usual treatment for a knot dress). I then kicked the dress up a few notches with some electric blue nylon chiffon (the stuff that makes petti-skirts) and leopard print grosgrain ribbon. Whew! Lots of sewing but lots of fun. My almost 2 yr old is going to rock this all spring and summer and then straight through til winter.

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