Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ribbon Loveys

Hard to find a name to describe these. I think most boutiques where I've seen them sold call them Taggies. Basically the product is the size of a lovey (is that even the right way to spell that?!!) My kid has one (a lovey), it's about 12" square and is super soft and has a cute little butterfly in one corner. She sleeps with it.

So these are soft minky fabric on one side, and 100% cotton print fabric on the other. Sewn around the outside are small loops of ribbon that serve several purposes. #1 - babies like to put stuff in their mouths, especially tags (you know this if you've ever tried to go clothing shopping with a baby). #2 - babies like to grasp things and rub things in their fingers (especially silky ribbon or ribbons with an interesting texture like grosgrain). #3 - having a loop on your kids favorite thing makes it easier to attach it to their carseat or stroller so it doesn't get dropped!

100% safe and enjoyed by any age baby. It might even become their love object (we can make you backups for when it's in the wash)!

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