Saturday, April 10, 2010

Halter Dresses

Trying a new dress style sans pattern again (when will I ever learn?) But these turned out pretty good. The style I wanted for Lauren to wear when it's really hot...Chicago summer! an open back halter dress. Throw a pair of comfy shorts on under and she's ready for the park, or lunch or even just strollering around the square. I am liking the simplicity of a black and white with bold accent color theme. These dresses used up 100% of some half yards of chic fabric I'd been saving up.

For the front, I wanted to add a sweet detail and sewed some tiny pleats with white thread to make them pop out a bit. Not sure what type of pleat this is called, but I've seen it done (on my own clothing actually) and liked the results. See this detail shot below...

For the back of the dress, I wanted to make sure it would fit well and comfortably. A section of elastic in the very back takes care of that and gives the fabric a nice gathered effect whereas the front has a more A-line look. Here's a view of the back of the green one...

Stay tuned for hot weather in Chicago because I bet these dresses will look even better on.

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