Monday, October 13, 2008

Amy Butler Daisy Chain Dress

This latest dress is another attempt at a design to really show off a favorite print. In this instance, we have an Amy Butler fabric called Daisy Chain as the main part of the dress. I thought it would look nice with a subtle leopard print. (I just can't deny my love of animal prints - you can see a hint of zebra in yesterday's posting!) I threw in the double ruffle from the inspiration dress I saw on Etsy. I think this turned out pretty cute. The leopard layer might be a tad too long. However I think I prefer the simplicity of the AH dress from yesterday. I think I'll restrict myself to using 3+ prints in knot dresses only for the near future. What do you think folks - leave a comment telling me if you prefer this design (AB) or yesterday's design (AH) better.

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