Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still Loving Corduroy Pants!

I'm on my second pair of corduroy pants. The first ones (see previous post) were pretty good for a beginner, but I'm planning to do better with these. First of all, I left plenty of material in the butt area to make sure the fit covers the diaper. I'm going to try them on with everything but the waist finished and see where exactly to put in the waist. They look pretty funny right now, since the material looks like it would reach up to my daughter's armpits if I finished the hem now, but I wanted to be safe rather than sorry.

I have found strange delight in ruffles. I never thought I'd put my kid in clothes with ruffles, but some seem to have snuck their way into her wardrobe. A dear friend gave us a beautiful swing set from Tralala that has ruffles on the bottoms of the legs and I think they look so jaunty on my little one. I laugh to myself because she kind of looks like a little Clydesdale horse trotting around the house when she wears them. So I have jumped on the ruffle cart.

These fine wale beige cords are trimmed out with one of my fav's - leopard print. Only this time the print is done up in style with some mod flowers. To accent the turquoise in the print I threw a turquoise grosgrain ribbon on one side of one leg. I think it gives the pants a punch of Euro hipness that most of the other custom stuff (aka 'I sewed a strip of fabric to the bottom of some leggings I bought at Old Navy so that means I make custom boutique outfits') out there doesn't have. And for more Euro hipness, I plan to dress up the total outfit even more with some hand beading and maybe even some sassy stitching. And ruching...there may be ruching. As always, stay tuned.

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