Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cord Pants

Several projects currently underway have cord pants. I found some pretty standard thin wale and thick wale corduroy at my local fabric store. I picked some standard fall colors...beige, green, navy, red. I thought I'd use it to make some jumpers (which I did do - stay tuned for a posting about that project). But I also got brave and decided to try to make pants! Crazy, I know. But they aren't as hard as I thought. I used a pattern for making drawstring pajama pants. Since I'm making toddler clothes, I swapped out the drawstring for elastic. The only thing I didn't account for was the extra material needed in the butt to accommodate a diaper. Ooops. So the rise in the back is a little short. But I made a matching swing top that comes down far enough that no one will notice much. Besides, my kid's diaper peeks out of her store bought pants from time to time anyway.

So here's a picture of some Halloween / Pumpkin Patch themed pants. Once I get the top finished and some matching hairbows made, I'll post a pic of the finished outfit.

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