Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Outfit Done!

Whew! This was exciting. I honestly had a blast and stayed up late a few nights and worked during my daughter's naps and here it is - a complete outfit. You have cord pants with elastic waist and ruffle trim. Cord patchwork top with three ruffles and a lined bodice. The straps are grosgrain ribbon and feature faux vintage buttons - there are actually simple buttons on the back side of the ribbon (opposite the faux buttons) that attach through button holes in the corduroy of the bodice. My husband will have a terrible time figuring out how to put this on :) The third piece in the set in an embellished long sleeve tee. I bought the tee at Kohls because I liked the color and the ringer neckline. I had to cover up the frolicking kittens with a two layer applique adorned with rhinestones and two Swarovski crystals.

So (deep breath) what do you think!?!?

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