Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knot Dress / Apron Dress

Not sure what to call this dress but I've borrowed ideas from several dresses I've seen on other kids to come up with this style for my daughter. The main body of the dress is a cool hounds tooth corduroy I found on sale at a fabric store in Chicago's south loop neighborhood. They didn't have the bonanza of cotton print fabric I was hoping for, but I did pick up some things from a remnant section they had. That's where the other fabrics on the dress came from. The lack of yardage will result in this being a one of a kind dress (maybe I can squeeze out one or two more for friends). The knot straps are a great idea since they allow you to add or take away a few inches in the length of the dress. I hope my daughter can wear it for a few years before she outgrows it. She is all action these days so I really didn't get a good shot of her wearing it.

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