Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Sewing Zipper Pouch

 This post should also be titled: The Importance of Following Instructions

Usually I don't like to follow instructions, especially for sewing patterns. Especially when I read them and they seem to involve more steps and attention to detail than I want to commit to. Sometimes my sewing experience can carry me to success anyway. But there are times when my renegade sewing nature results in a fail.

 I was drawn to this pouch from the Heather Ross book: Weekend Sewing because of the boxy shape and the zipper that extended half way down each side. I've sewed a bunch of zipper pouches and clutches and even a full on purse or two, so I figured a book pattern for a zipper pouch wouldn't be any hard thing. I also admit that I don't read instructions all the way through before I start. I grab fabric and scissors and just go wild. I also don't pin things as I sew. I am so, so bad. But I sew so fast! Renegade!

 Half way through sewing, I realized that this project would have exposed inside seams and that the pattern called for sewing everything in parts that would then be closed up before the lining and outside were joined. I had assumed a lined bag would be sewn in a way that at the end you turn it inside out and viola - no exposed seams. I decided to cheat and use bias tape to close my exposed edges. It provided a fake piping look to the finished bag. I am ok with how that bit turned out. I like the pop of turquoise. The other thing I didn't do was leave the ends of the zipper free to be adjusted for the perfect fit when the bag was assembeled. The result was that as I sewed the last two parts of the bag together it was slightly off the whole way around. Slightly off resulted in the part of my cheating that is the big fail...once I zip the bag it is completely crooked.

So I just leave it sitting unzipped in my sewing room window. I love the Anna Maria Horner linen fabric so much and the red lining and red zipper and the turquoise trim look very jaunty. Next time I'll be sure to follow the instructions...well maybe not. Renegade!

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