Monday, January 6, 2014

Fox Knot Dress

My oldest kid is in a Chicago public school and like most of those, we get asked to raise funds in all kinds of different ways. Most of them are pretty fun. Walk-a-thons are neat and I don't mind buying a t-shirt here and there. But my favorite so far is the annual benefit gala or ball, whatever you want to call it. Some of the schools in our part of town have made it an art form. Ours is somewhere in the comfortable middle.

Last year I helped create a quilt that the kindergarten class auctioned off at the gala through a silent auction . In addition to that, I donated a custom item. Much to my delight, it was one of the few items that were auctioned off live during the gala. I was sorry I couldn't attend and watch the live bidding - I bet that would have been really neat, but nerve wracking. On second thought, I'm glad I missed it.
 In the end, the custom knot dress and ruffle pant set I donated went to one of the teachers. She paid a pretty penny above retail for it - yay for the school! She wanted this outfit for her niece. She and her mom stopped by my studio and looked through all my fabric and I think the choices they made are marvelous! This dress has a lot going on, but that's what makes it so cool. Nobody else has a dress like this one!

 From the mismatched vintage buttons to the Patty Young ribbon, nearly every designer I love is here. Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, and those crazy awesome foxes from Blend.

There's the back. That's the end. Oh and since it's a fall to winter dress the pants are a fine whale corduroy. Cozy.

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