Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My First Big Girl Quilt

I can't believe it but it finally happened! I pieced the top for a real quilt. A friend did the long arm quilting and binding. It's a real quilt - 100%. I feel really good about it but strange because it's not going to stay in my home. Neither is it going to a family member. Also probably not going to a good friend. It's going to a good cause!

My daughter's kindergarten class has been studying fabric in their science unit. I know! Fabric! It's cute to hear 5 yr olds try to say "warp and weft." Heck, most of the time I can't say those words correctly. The school is perpetually having fundraisers and finally they came up with one I could really get behind (although who doesn't love a walk-a-thon or a book sale)?!

Those cute kids each smacked a hand into fabric paint and then gingerly applied it to a primary colored fabric square. After they dried, each kid hand sewed their initials onto the square. Impressed? I was. 5 yr old's hand sewing, who knew.

Once the square were done, I took them to my lair and decided they needed some designer quilting cotton to play with them. I couldn't limit myself to one print so I picked 2 black and white prints and 2 color ones. I haven't pieced quilt squares before, I figured I could manage some half triangle squares.

Turns out I loved chopping up fabric and then sewing it together in short repetitive bursts wasn't so bad. The ironing was even tolerable because I knew it was for a good reason. In the end, my cutting and/or sewing wasn't as precise as it could have been but in such a busy quilt it isn't noticeable that every intended intersection of seams doesn't line up perfectly.

In the end, the quilt is beautiful. The class is on love with it. The other moms who helped and the teacher seem honestly impressed. I'm even impressed. Now the lovely thing is going up on the auction block to raise as many dollars as it can. I hope the parents of those kindergarteners really get into a bidding war!

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