Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated Sewing Room

Cutting table in the foreground. Sewing table in the background.
 The girls from my Sewing Socials and I were starting to outgrow the space at our sewing table. Ok. It's my fault. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas. But anyway, we needed to get access to 100% of the table and one side of it was against the wall in a bay window, so the slanting walls weren't helping us feel any less cramped. 
New Janome machine for Christmas!
 I didn't want to give up the chaise lounge either since it's such a nice place to sit if you need to look through a pattern book, crochet a scarf or rip out an entire seam (not that we ever make mistakes around here).

The chaise lounge in it's new home next too the display screen.
 So first things first was to move the chaise lounge out of way and position the sewing table in the middle of the room. After that feat, we decided the chaise had to lose its arm since it was going into the bay window and its arm was on the wrong side. Bring out the tool box. Ok. Arm is gone. Thinking about re-using it as a toddler headboard, but that's for another day. Now the chaise is still comfy thanks to my Patty Young pillows.

The antique hoops are holding my girls custom fabric.
 Now we have room for at least 6 machines to be set up. Bring out the power strips and extension cords. I also will be needing more task lighting. My fabric continues to have a happy home in the Ikea Expedit shelving. No chance in heck that could be moved.

Special spots for my AMH collection and my voile.
So now it's time to get busy sewing things. We've got pajama pants for mommy in the works using voile fabric and this tutorial.The girls are getting some pink skirts (stay tuned) and it's time to put another date on the calendar to sew dresses for Handmade For Africa.

And on last time... there's my fabric! Love you fabric. See you soon.


Addy said...

Wow! That room is a dream! Love it!

crummyd said...

Next Africa tea leaves on March 22! Just sayin