Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crafty Chloe Heather Ross Character Fabric

Crafty Chloe Book, Illustrated by Heather Ross

One of my top 5 favorite fabric designers is Heather Ross. Her Mendocino collection reached cult fame when those darling mermaids went out of print. If I had just bought a few bolts of them, I could retire on the profits. 
Presentation Mermaids from Heather Ross' Mendocino
Since then, Heather Ross has designed some darling fairy tale prints. Recently I bough some Town Mouse Country Mouse prints.

She's lent her illustrative powers to a book about a crafty girl determined to make a birthday present for a friend. Crafty Chloe is a great read and it's also spawned a line of fabric. Again, hard to find, but this time I have bought ample yardage and have some of it for sale in my Etsy store.

My stash of Crafty Chloe Fabric
I've made the girls a few skirts so far from the Crafty Chloe fabrics, but my little one spied the Unicorns on pink and asked for a whole dress. her wish is my command!

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