Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Custom Spoonflower Fabric... THE. BEST. GIFT.

 One of my sewing buddies from Sewing Socials gave me hands down the most thoughtful gift this year. She designed illustrations of my daughters and added their names and had them printed onto fabric through Spoonflower. I have a yard each of my little ones to turn into all manner of sewn projects.

 Here is Lauren in all her five year old glory. Her long hair pulled up into side buns and her big bangs.
 This is Grace my three year old with her blonde hair sporting a little pony tail on top that we call her whale spout.
 The first projects that I made today (Christmas Day) during their nap time were two little zipper clutches that showcase each of them. The back of the pouches are a sturdy canvas in pumpkin colored chevron. I'm using up a few scrap pieces from the Teepee project.
The inside of the pouches is two colorways of Tula Pink Parisville fabric...fun colors that seem to match everything! There's also a tiny bit of Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet fabric making up the little straps.

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