Saturday, May 26, 2012

Banded Tank Top for Mommy

Following the idea of the banded tank top in her book for kids: Sewing ModKid Style by Patty Young, I made a Mommy version.

The Mommy version doesn't have a second band down at the hips. This makes the body of the shirt fall straight instead of poofing in the midsection (only kids get away with that). I added some rolled fabric flowers to the band to add something a little extra special. I like the way that distracts a little from the circus clown stripe. I love the fabric in the body of the shirt. It's a Tina Given's quilting cotton. Next time, a voile might have a better drape, but this fabric from Tina is really soft as far as quilting cotton goes. I made this all on a regular sewing machine using a ball point needle and a straight stretch stitch for sewing up the jersey.

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