Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jumbo Crocheted Circle Scarves

 I'm not sure how many people are like me out there in the crafting community, but often it just takes one look at something and I'm struck with the "I can make that!" realization... and then I'm down in my sewing studio the first chance I can get and I'm making it. There might be a quick run to JoAnns first, but then I'm on it. Pinterest makes me giddy.

At the last Monday night sewing social, a friend pulls out a crochet project and we all came to a complete stop to admire a big chunky scarf in the prettiest grey yarn. How do you make that, we all had to know. She had been out to lunch with her mom and she saw another woman wearing a big chunky scarf in pretty yarn and her chatty mom found out from this stylish random stranger that the scarf had been purchased from Etsy, so said friend hunted up the Etsy store, looked closely at the pictures and decided she could manage it herself. Which she did beautifully.

 So I fondled her scarf for an appropriate period of time and inspected the size of the crochet hook she used and the next morning I was off to buy my own giant crochet hook and super bulky yarn. The results are 2 scarves in 2 days. The first one pictured is with Lion Brand Yarn in Cape Cod Tweed and a random mustard colored yarn I got at Big Lots last year. The second one pictured is Sensations Sumptuous Yarn in Teal. As a side note, when you can't decide what color yarn to buy, it helps to have a 2 year old in your shopping cart because they just want to hold them all like the skeins are stuffed animals and the result is that you simply must buy all the colors because there's no crying in baseball JoAnns. If there is crying you simply give out candy loving discipline.

The adventure of these crochet projects for me was the new hook sizes (also at JoAnns). This teal one was done with a jumbo plastic crochet hook (comically large, maybe an S size?) It only took 2 hours to make a circle scarf with 4 rows of double crochet (and I'm slow people). I simply wove the two ends together to make the circle when I was done. The gray and yellow one was done on a smaller but still large hook (I'm gonna guess it's about a P in size). I made it longer for a triple wrap. I've been wearing these around non-stop, inside the house and out. This is Chicago and it's winter people.

If you see something you love, go make it!


RRau said...

I want one. But not enough to get good at crochet (sorry Roxy). So we'll have to come up with a knitting/crochet trade.... :)

Liz Mouse said...

Sounds like a plan!!