Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Voile Circle Scarf

This past weekend I stopped into a warehouse sale for one of the large Chicagoland fabric retailers. It was my first time in a fabric warehouse. I want one. I have been trying to branch out from quilting cotton, so I spent some time touching all the other types of fabric that have caught my fancy. I am especially interested in velveteen and voile and lawn. I am not 100% sure of the technical difference between voile and lawn, but I'm gonna guess lawn is more sheer. Anyway, I'm in love with voile, so I grabbed three different bolts. The way the warehouse sale works, you pick a bolt, but you have to buy everything on the bolt. So you take it to the guys who measure it and then have fun guessing the yardage. Then you do the quick math and decide if you can afford it, or you try to figure out what you'll do with 20 continuous yards of the same fabric. This fabric was too beautiful and ridiculously cheap (we're talking a sale markdown on top of the wholesale price) so yes, thank you, I'll take the bolt. So far I've used 1/8 of a yard to make a circle scarf.

Voile and lawn fabric are perfect for scarves. They feel soft, drape nicely and  keep you warm but not too warm so you can wear it all day as an accessory. I love the way you can wear a circle scarf long or doubled up. You can pin on a rolled fabric flower or other pin to dress it up. This is a wonderful project for a beginner sewer or for a sewing social. It makes a great gift and sews up in less than 20 minutes once you know what you are doing. Here's a great tutorial.

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