Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jersey Scarves and Rolled Flowers


This afternoon I brought out the big guns. Not really. I brought out my glue gun, which is small but really hot. I burned my finger a little. But the end result was this super cute rolled flower from a torn edge strip of fabric. It's a chic way to dress up a circle scarf. Thanks to my friend Carrie who showed me that gluing on a simple strip of fabric to the back of your rolled flower (between the flower bottom and the felt circle) makes it easy to tie onto a scarf. Here are some pics of an ensemble...

A friend of mine ordered two jersey scarves, one in a black and grey stripe and one in teal. You can wear the flower with either scarf or with both twisted together (top picture). There are just so many pretty ways to wear a circle scarf. I didn't get a picture of the flower on one of the scarves worn long, but it looks good that way too.

It all wraps up lovely for the perfect holiday gift. The fabric in the flower is quilting cotton from the Del Hi collection by Valori Wells. If you don't want to buy jersey knit yardage for your scarf, you can do the same thing by cutting the hem off the bottom of a t-shirt and then cutting the shirt bottom off the width you want your scarf to be. You can pair two different t-shirts for the layered look. Because t-shirt knit rolls up on the edges and doesn't fray much, you don't even have to sew it. Although the scarves pictured have totally enclosed hems on all sides (think of an inner tube). And what out for those fingers, glue guns are hot!

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