Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swing Top - Just What the Fairy Godmother Ordered

So my oldest daughter has lots of dresses (as you might have guessed) and quite a few toddler trousers in her wardrobe, but not really any tops. I decided to try out a simple modification to a knot dress and the result was a pretty cute swing top. I used a two panel design on the "skirt" part and centered the smaller panel in the front.

The fabric is by Tina Givens from her Fairy Tip Toes collection. The front panel fabric features fairy godmothers, ladybugs, flowers and birds.

My favorite parts about this top are the way it coordinates with two pairs of pants already in our wardrobe, and I love the look of the polka dots on the straps. We'll be sporting this one soon with a simple long sleeve t-shirt, also available in our Etsy store.

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