Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Burp Cloth Design at

You can find in our baby shop an original burp cloth design. I had simply "had it" with the off the shelf cloth diapers that most crafters are making their burp cloths out of. I wanted a more premium quality of diaper cloth. Something that would feel soft of baby's face and would look nice after washing.

Meadowsweet Burp Cloth Pair

So I bought premium diaper cloth by the yard and created my own design...
diaper cloth in two layers paired with two prints of premium fabric from top designers on each burp cloth. There is much more beautiful fabric to enjoy on these burp cloths. The edges are serged to prevent fray and the decorative fabric is top-stitched for a professional finished look. The result is a burp cloth that is more beautiful, more resistant to shrinkage and more functional!
Birds and Bees Burp Cloth Pair
I've kept them priced at only $10 a pair so that people can begin to try them out and see if they don't just love them so much more than the cloth diaper variety. Much more work has gone into these than simply sewing a strip of pretty fabric down the middle of a cloth diaper. I hope you'll visit our Etsy shop to purchase some the next time you are someone you know has a baby. I've already sewn a ton for my own friends and family!!

Butterfly and Blue Dot Burp Cloth Pair

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