Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toddler Trousers - LOVE LOVE LOVE

I endeavored to make some better than average kid pants for Lauren for this fall.

Here's the result! These are real trousers...
~ Tailored cut features a full leg but not too much extra fabric in the hip
~ Flat front waist with elastic in back
~ Pleated ruffle is super classy and is top stitched for a finished look...

Chocolate Bird Trouser - pleated ruffle detail with top-stitched hem

They look super on Lauren - just the right length and fullness to the leg. They will be great with a simple t-shirt or to really fun up some fall dresses once the weather gets colder here in Chicago. Since Lauren is only 3, I've dubbed them "toddler trousers" but they would work on walking babies and on school kids. Wouldn't a closet full of these be great for back-to-school!? And seriously, if Lauren ever needed to go for a job interview, the Golden Butterfly pair would get her the job for sure.

Golden Butterfly Toddler Trouser

Creme Bird - all fabrics by Tina Givens from her Treetop Fancy and Fairy Tip Toes collections

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Amanda said...

those are super cute!!! :)