Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grace's First Birthday Dress and Bloomers

Made in my new favorite style of knot dress...
the knot happens in the back where both straps are passed through a vertical button hole and then tied in a knot. I prefer not to tie a bow.

The skirt is super full (over a full circle) made from 4 panels of 2 fabrics. Gives the dress major twirl! The hem and bodice are both fully lined in the same fabric. The straps are extra wide for style and comfort. My 3 year old even loves to wear her "dancing" dresses. When ordinarily it's a challenge to convince her to wear a dress (she prefers shorts with pockets). But a one-year-old will wear anything!

Here are the matching bloomers. Simple extra tall waist band with full elastic. Smaller bands of hem material at the leg openings plus more elastic...

Amy Butler, Love collection, sandlewood in turquoise (green and blue in skirt and straps)
Moda, Botany by Lauren and Jessi Jung, pollen flora (yellow in skirt) and ripple glories (bodice and hem)

On my birthday girl!!!

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Amy said...

She looks just adorable in her new dress, but I have the feeling she'd look cute in a burlap potato bag! Great dress with the knot in the back!