Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giving a Sling a Try

Not one to buy a pattern (when will I ever learn), I gave my first sling a try. With my own baby number two on the way, I figured I'd be able to use my own and if it turns out well, I could make more in the future for friends.

So back to the no pattern thing. I did buy a commercial sling that I found on sale and opened it to discover that it was missing it's instructional DVD, so I was going to return it anyway. Once I saw the seeming simplicity of the design, I thought I'd try to make my own.

Only when I got to the last seam on the sling did I realize that what I had left for last, should have been sewn earlier (much earlier, aka first!) in the process. But it was salvageable and I'm the only who will know that I didn't really mean for that last seam to be folded over quite like that.

I employed two prints from some great designers. The black and white is Damask Dandy from Michael Miller and the Asian print is a lovely one from Alexander Henry.

More about the sling itself. This one is a pouch sling, or pea pod sling style. It's designed to fit a specific size person as there are no closures or rings for adjusting the fit. I made mine reversible. I added a section of batting along the top edge that run half the length of the sling to provide more comfort for the baby or toddler.

I was surprised that my toddler not only fits, but likes to ride in it. That works for me since it takes all her weight off my arms and transfers it to my back/shoulder and hip. She is pictured riding on my hip. Sorry for the poor photo, it was taken in the bathroom mirror because I just couldn't wait for my husband to get home to get a picture.

I don't think this item will make it into my Etsy store since so many other Etsy folk are selling beautiful slings similar in style. I'll reserve it for gifting to friends and family.

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