Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Knot Collection

Here is the newest knot dress - hot off the sewing machine (ok, it's really hot off the ironing board where I just pressed the seams.) Is it ok for a toddler to wear a dress that has mermaids on the apron? I think yes! They are modest mermaids - cleverly applied starfish and all.

As you can see, my daughter has a growing collection of knot dresses. I just can't help myself. When have I ever seen a design that requires so many fabrics and ribbons?! I feel like these dresses are my way of giving a big hug to the people who design fabrics I love. Right now some favorites are Amy Butler (dress featuring daisy chain coming soon), Alexander Henry (bless you for partnering with JoAnn Fabrics), Joel Dewberry (brown and turquoise in the dress on left), Heather Ross (mermaids on the dress on left) and whoever invented corduroy (may he or she be richly rewarded in heaven). The only downside is the frequency with which I have to change the thread in my machine. Most of these babies take 4 different thread colors.

I've gotten so much positive feedback from friends and even total strangers over these dresses, so I'm going to offer them for sale in my Etsy store. Check them out here.

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