Monday, October 20, 2008

Holy Handbags Batman!

Yes indeed. I needed to give handbags a try. I simply have too much cute fabric and only one child... so I had to find something to make besides children's clothing. I think these two bags turned out pretty cute...

The blue bag is a giant bubble bag. I think it has a lot of personality! It's made of a houndstooth corduroy material that will hold up really well and it looks great with jeans. I embellished the top section with a really luxe upholstry trim. The inside is lined and has a pocket.

The green and yellow bag is more like a tote or book bag. I have been carrying it everyday since I made it for quick walking trips to the grocery store or quick trips out in the car, like when I need to pick my husband up from the train in the rain, or when I need to run to the craft store (all too often!). And it is very convenient for wearing when pushing a stroller since it is far less bulky than a diaper bag and it doesn't slip off your shoulder. I can't believe I went this long without one. I even discovered the other night that the strap is long enough that I didn't even have to take it off when I got in the car. It just sat off my right hip, just far enough away from the belt buckle, that I didn't even feel it. Niiiiice! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the wonderful main fabric on the tote is Amy Butler of course. Love her designs SOOOO much!

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